Jim Goodloe, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator

Jim has spent over forty years as a healthcare executive.  During the first twenty years of his career he served as a senior executive in various hospitals across the state of Tennessee. The second half of his career was spent with the Tennessee Hospital Association, where he served as Senior Vice President of Solutions Group and Physician Services.

Throughout his career Jim saw the value of facilitation as a means of maximizing the capabilities and contributions of groups of all sizes, large and small. On multiple occasions he called on professional facilitators to assist him in accomplishing assigned objectives and tasks. It was during these work sessions that he began to incorporate facilitative techniques into his own managerial style.

Eventually, this led Jim to seek formal training as a facilitator and, ultimately, certification as a professional facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators. Currently, Jim is one of only a few IAF Certified Professional Facilitators in Tennessee and the only current CPF in Middle Tennessee.

International Association of Facilitators